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Compounding & Pelletizing

WyoComp's polymer fillers and nano-composites have been successfully used in most plastic processes, products and applications.  The range includes extrusion, compression molding, injection molding and 3D printing.  Customer's have the option to purchase the AgriFi™ directly in the raw biomass form or they can elect to have WyoComp compound and pelletize the materials (PolyFi™) based on their specific requirements.  Don't hesitate to contact us to learn more about our advanced natural fiber polymer filler technologies, the performance benefits, cost reductions, green marketing and sustainability benefits including reductions in carbon footprint and more.  

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Recycled & Bioplastics

Are you a manufacturer looking for recycled and/or bioplastics?  WyoComp can help supply you with a broad range of plastics (post consumer and post industrial) including PP, HDPE, LDPE, ABS, PLA and others.  Since we are a compounder and run a wide variety of materials for a diverse range of users, we buy in high volumes and often have surplus plastics available.  

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Wheat straw and other Agricultural Biomasses

WyoComp is the global leader in developing high-value product technologies using agricultural biomasses and we offer the market one of the largest supply channels using our large feedstock market that stretches from Montana to Texas.  We sell to the market wheat straw, barley straw, corn stalks, bagasse, industrial hemp and milo stalks.   Contact WyoComp to inquire about buying from us. 

Where to buy composite materials, polymers and biomass materials

If you are a manufacturer interested in our  compounded/pelletized natural fiber polymer composites and nano-composites and want to learn more please click the link below and contact us.  Additionally, if you are interested in bioplastics and recycled plastics let us know and someone will contact you with pricing and availability of materials.

If you are a farmer and interested in becoming a supplier please contact WyoComp.  Several options are available, including letting WyoComp harvest the small grains and bale your leftover wheat and barley straw, corn stalks and/or milo stalks.  Or,  contract and sell the biomasses if they are already harvested and baled.  

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