Charting the path to a sustainABLE FUTURE

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Composite Fencing

 PrairieFence™ - composite fencing lines include privacy, ranch rail, highway and industrial.  Consumer's appreciate the lower maintenance,  beauty, durability and lower pricing  of WyoComp's composite fencing.  You won't find a better deal nor better product in the market. 

WPC Wood Plastic Composites Compounding Pelletizing Bioplastics Bio Natural Fiber nano composites

Plastics Compounding & Pelletizing

 PolyFi™ - polymers reinforced with AgriFi™.  The material can be used in any plastics process (extrusion, injection molding, compression molding) and can produce any form of plastics products.  The material is stable under high heat/pressure, carbon-neutral,  hydro-phobic and reduces overall product costs while enhancing the "green" biocontent.  WyoComp also produces nano-composites for a diverse range of industries including 3D Printing.


Services & Research

Polymers research related to bio-polymers, recycled and virgin plastics.   Our biomass research covers a wide range from agricultural biomasses to wood materials.  WyoComp specializes in custom harvesting of small grain crops like wheat, barley, milo and corn.  We also conduct biomass studies, feed stock development, life-cycle assessments, econometric studies and market analysis as services for industry and government.