AgriFi™ comes from annually renewable agricultural biomasses like wheat straw helping to save our forests and environment.  


 AgriFi™  in plastics adds bio-content and lowers the carbon footprint and in many cases making the products carbon neutral or negative.  AgriFi™ is also a form of bio-carbon that replaces coal, thus reducing mining and other ecosystem disturbance. 


 AgriFi™  provides physical property improvements to plastics while lowering overall costs.

Advanced Natural Fiber Thermoplastics Filler Technologies

Natural fibers make ideal fillers for thermoplastics used in extrusion, injection molding and compression molding processes. They are renewable, cost effective, thus lowering manufacturer's production costs, provide physical property benefits and more such as "green" marketing advantages and code compliance.

However, without the proper pretreatments, natural fibers contain moisture, starches, sugars, lignin and other extractives that create "off-gassing" and other issues under high heat and pressure conditions in polymer processes, thus making them infeasible to use in many cases.  AgriFi™ product lines offer solutions to these issues and others with its differing process treatments to agri biomasses which is further supported by our technical assistance.

AgriFi™ Description

Our thermal mechanical treatment process technologies address all the off-gassing and moisture issues associated with natural fiber polymer fillers by removing the extractives without compromising the integrity of the cellulose and hemicelluose structures of the remaining fibers.  AgriFi™, a hydrophobic fiber, provides a number of physical property benefits to products and lowers costs.  It's less than carbon neutral, half the density of mineral fillers and allows for exact control of properties.   

Production Loading Info

AgriFi™ technologies can be successfully used as polymer fillers with loading levels as high as 80% by weight depending upon the polymer, process and finished product specs/tolerances.  The polymer filler can be dry mixed, compounded into pellets or directly fed into machines depending upon the process and products being manufactured.

Product Specs

Mesh sizes 40-300 (nano scale available)

Hydrophobic (does not absorb water)

Process temperatures up to 310º C

Compatible with most polymers and processes

Physical properties, composition and chemical values

Color is light to dark brown

Product Examples

Please reference some of the product examples below that can be made using AgriFi™, which only represents a few of the many possibilities and opportunities.  The products can be made from a wide range of plastic resins, melts and specs reinforced with the AgriFi™.  

Auto Parts - Inner Fender


Auto Parts - Interior/Exterior


Auto Parts - Engine


Plastics Cutlery & Dishware


Computer Related Devices


Shipping Pallets


Waste Bins


Utility Carts


Paint Trays and Step Stools


Pet Products - Carriers


Pet Products - Cat Litter


Roofing & Plastic Lumber